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Jesuit Jubilee Celebration

Friday, September 27th, 2013

The Society of Jesus of New England honored 43 Jesuits celebrating a jubilee year—a major anniversary ranging from 25 to 80 years as ordained Catholic priests or in the Jesuit order.

2013 Jesuit JubilariansTwenty-one priests and one brother observing jubilees in 2013 attended a special Mass and reception with their friends and family which was held at Boston College High School on September 15.

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Fr. Provincial Myles N. Sheehan, SJ, celebrated a Mass commemorating his Jesuit brothers who have dedicated their lives to serving the Lord. He said, “These special milestones offer each of us a graced opportunity to reflect on our calling, examine all that we have learned from our work, and renew our commitment to follow the example of Ignatius of Loyola in serving God’s people. We thank the Jubilarians…as well as those who have gone home to God, for their faithful and generous service.”

In his homily, Fr. Richard Clifford, SJ, professor at Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, said, “It is this activity of God in Jesus that has shaped the lives of us Jesuits, and indeed, the lives of all Christians. What is this life-shaping action? We need look no farther than today’s Gospel, and allow Jesus to tell us a story, or rather three stories, about God’s ruling activity in the world.”  Read his whole homily.

Pictured above are:  (front row: from left) Fr. Francis Allen, SJ, Fr. Francis Sullivan, SJ, Fr. Henry Cain, SJ, Fr. Robert Taft, SJ, Fr. Provincial Myles Sheehan, SJ, Fr. Martin Shaughnessy, SJ, Br. Theodore Bender, SJ.

(center row: from left) Fr. Frederic Maples, SJ, Fr. John Higgins, SJ, Fr. Robert Daly, SJ, Fr. William Mulligan, SJ, Fr. William Foley, SJ, Fr. Ken Hughes, SJ, Fr. William Campbell, SJ, Fr. James Martin, SJ, Fr. Charles Connolly, SJ.

(back row: from left) Fr. Frederick Enman, SJ, Fr. William Hamilton, SJ, Fr. Richard Clifford, SJ, Fr. Earle Markey, SJ, Fr. Joseph Appleyard, SJ, Fr. Charles Healey, SJ, Fr. Raymond Helmick, SJ.

View more photos of the Jesuits jubilee celebration

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